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It’s amazing how powerful a woman truly is when she escapes the confines of whatever situation she is “stuck in” - whether it is stuck in a career, stuck in a relationship, or stuck in any situation she no longer desires.

One solution to help with the process of getting unstuck is to have a transformational experience unique enough to empower herself and inspiring enough to move her to resounding results and solutions.

The Escapism Transformational Experience (the “Experience”) is one such solution.

This Experience is important because, as women, there are so many components and energy systems in place to keep us “stuck” and not moving forward towards the life we always knew was possible. As women, we’re often caught up in other people’s rules and expectations, adapting to those rules and expectations as if they were our own.

They truly are not.

When we first started to dream – because we were told that we could be anything and accomplish anything, we were free to be and do just that.

Then someone or a group of people started putting rules and restrictions on that, which in turn, constructed tall “roadblocks” and “prison walls.”

“You can, BUT…” started to become the rule and reality.

However, because of the powerful tools and techniques provided in this 12 Module Experience, a woman can manage and shape-shift her energy and thus her reality.

The result, by using the carefully crafted tools and teachings shared, allows a woman to move forward with confidence, knowing that there are varying options and possibilities available, in all types of situations.

She will not only have a definitive visual “game plan,” but “jailhouse keys” that will help create space and give them the freedom to escape…

This is what the Escapism Transformation Experience Provides:


It Raises Your VIBRATION...

Through the use of sounds, shapes and colors, it focuses on raising your own personal frequency into resonance with other natural frequencies. The result is physical and mental balance.

It Invokes The GIFT of MIND...

Deeper thought and inner guidance are promoted through guided meditations. The result is opening up the mind to more possibilities.

It Assists With Creating SPACE In Your Life...

Sometimes our lives are inundated with clutter. The clutter can be tangible things. But sometimes it is thoughts. And sometimes it is noise. This Experience creates space in the physical and in the mind so that clarity can be achieved.

It Increases AWARENESS...

Sometimes the answers you seek are around you and within. But awareness has to be enhanced in order to experience it. By increasing awareness, the result is empowerment.

It offers HEALING...

Through visual modules, meditations, exercises and sessions, this experience seeks to restore you to a state of wholeness. The result is inner peace and restoration.

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