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We Level the Playing Field So People Can Be, Do, and Have the Lives They Always Knew Was Possible...

The Greatest Gift God ever gave us was the gift of mind - the ability to reason and think for ourselves. And when so many varying conceptual factors (both seen and unseen) get in the way of our ability to think, we're like hamsters on that wheel - scrambling to get to that next level - only to have it allude us, unless something comes along to take us off of that wheel... The gift of mind and transformational experiences take us off of that wheel. Please see our products and services below to find out if they can assist you on your journey...


It’s amazing how powerful a woman truly is when she escapes the confines of whatever situation she is “stuck in” - whether it is stuck in a career, stuck in a relationship, or stuck in any situation she no longer desires. One solution to help with the process of getting unstuck is to have a transformational experience unique enough to empower herself and inspiring enough to move her to resounding results and solutions.

The Escapism Transformational Experience (the “Experience”) is one such solution.

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Pathworking with Inner "g" Diva

Welcome to Pathworking with Inner "g" Diva. As a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium, Channel, and a certified Voyager Tarot Deck © reader, I holistically assist clients with helping them see and understand how the past shape-shifted the present and what the energy is showing in the present - along with insight on how to "side-step" the obstacles along the way...

By utilizing The Voyager Tarot Deck © we can explore the myriad of ways the energy is presenting itself and use consciousness tools to navigate the most efficient way to reach the desired vision and destination.

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