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Welcome to Pathworking with Inner "g" Diva. As a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium, Channel, and a certified Voyager Tarot Deck © reader, I holistically assist clients with helping them see and understand how the past shape-shifted the present and what the energy is showing in the present - along with insight on how to "side-step" the obstacles along the way...

Tarot is one of the most powerful tools ever created for the benefit of humanity. It was created with divination and empowering meditation in mind.

A journey through the Tarot is, in essence, a journey through our own soul... Whatever we encounter on this journey, is a reflection of our deepest, highest self on that path to self-realization.

Each card has many mystical correspondences, which foundations are Qabbalistic, astrological, and elemental. The Tarot's power and meaning are bound to the Tree of Life. It is an excellent way to entertain and communicate with others while healing his or her problems and helping him or her through the journey of life.

By utilizing The Voyager Tarot Deck © we can explore the myriad of ways the energy is presenting itself (from the perspectives of qaballah, numerology, astrology, geomancy, auric/colors, psychomtery, and alchemy) and use consciousness tools to navigate the most efficient way to reach the desired vision and destination.

** Pathworking with Inner "g" Diva and tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only **

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