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Genius Extractor

Genius Extractor is a Five Week Course

that helps you get past all of the Distractions

>and all of the Outside/ Inner noise,

in order to Awaken the Genius inside of you,

all the while Empowering you Forward into the



Ultimate Alchemy is an energetic book

of consciousness that assists with transmuting

energetic structures of the mind, body and

emotions. It was written to offer suggestions

on how to use the conceptual modality of

alchemy,to understand the science behind it/

and to shift a conceptual perspective.

It was written in a way that:

(1) would provide valuable information

from the ancient civilizations of

the Egyptians, Mayans, Toltecs, Incas,

Atlantis and Lemuria regarding alchemy;

(2) would not come across as “preachy”; and

(3) that would not emphasize and entrain

a conditional energy field around metaphysics –

the one that makes some people not pick up

or look at the book in the first place -


Pathworking With the Inner "g" Diva


About us

Although Madeline has held various Regulatory and Compliance, Paralegal, Contract Analyst and other regulatory and legal positions, in corporate and private sectors, for a span over twenty (20) years, she has always found a way to grow and develop in her first love – Metaphysics...

Fulfilling the need to let the certificates and degrees match her studies of over 30 years, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics, a Masters of Science in Metaphysics, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Additionally, she’s received Hypnotherapy Certification, REIKI Master Certification, Chakra Alignment Master Teacher Certification, Voyager Tarot Reader Certification, a Ministerial License, 200hr Yoga Teaching Certification, Life Coaching Certification and has attended countless workshops, conferences, and masterminds to further extend her knowledge and understanding of energy and metaphysics...

Driven by a passion for balancing, enlightening and empowering others, she endeavors to level the playing field so people can be, do and have the life they've always wanted...

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